This is the index page of my website. I am required to have one of these. The standards of capitalist engagement dictate that websites should follow certain principles to ensure that; the visitor stays on the page as long as possible; that links and content are clearly indicated; and that they all open in new windows, in what seems like desperation to prevent you from leaving. This website doesn’t care about any of that. The links to all the other pages are within the text you are currently reading. However, if you can’t be arsed to find them, you can click this yellow red orange text everything in one place which will take you to a page where they are all conveniently listed. I should probably boast about the book I wrote a few years ago, and link to some of the positive things that have been said about it. This review by Erik Spiekermann is quite nice, as is this one by Catherine Dixon. The book is currently out of print might be reprinted soon, so no need to get too excited. Can I also mention that, as a type designer, I made many typefaces that have enriched some of the largest type foundries. If you would like an overview of those typefaces, go here. If you would rather see the more recent work I have done in type design, please visit Shapes for cash. If you want to contact me, the preferred ways to do this are listed here. The design of this page pays homage to Storm Thorgerson, or whoever it was at Hipgnosis that came up with the idea for the cover of xtc’s Go 2. This text will go right to left.